Opal and Diamond Ring

diamondopalring3Opals are widely considered to be one of the most beautiful gemstones that the world has to offer. They are able to expressly display all of a rainbows colors in a diffracted color pattern that is best described as amazing and referred to as the “play of color”. It is this “play of color” that is causing many jewelry enthusiasts to choose a opal and diamond ring. These are becoming very popular among couples desiring a unique representation of their love. This ring shopping guide can be very helpful in choosing your next opal and diamond ring.

Opals, unlike diamonds (that are extremely hard), are gemstones that are relatively soft. They rank at, approximately, 5 or 6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Diamonds generally rank at an estimated 10 on the scale. Basically, opals and glass have virtually the same level of hardness. This is among one of the most important components to keep firmly in mind when considering the use of an opal and diamond ring.

Unlike diamonds, opals are traditionally rare and are sold as quickly as they are mined. In fact, diamonds are incredibly common, even though their prices continue to rise. The rise in cost for diamonds is due to the vast amount of stockpiling involved as well as the supply control implemented by monopolistic forces that is quite strict.

It is fervently plausible for the mistreatment or the rough treatment of an opal can result in the breaking or damaging of the stone. This, is no way, means that an opal can be easily broken, it simply means that you will need to treat your opal and diamond ring with care to ensure lifetime wear.

Brief History of Opals

Due to the unique manner in which opals are able to feature various colors, they are mesmerizing. The actual word “opal” derives from the Greek word “opallus” which means “to be a change”. It is said that the origin plausibly, refers to the way the gemstones spear different as angles alter. Since ancient times, opals have been widely prized, especially given that Greeks proclaimed that owners were afforded protection from illness as well as prophetic powers.

Ancient Romans revered opals as the most precious of gems while the Bedouins firmly believed that the stones contained lightning that fell upon the earth. During the 1870’s in Victorian England, opals began to become expressly fashionable especially when they were combined with diamonds to make an opal and diamond ring. It was jewelry lover Queen Victoria that derived a true passion for the gemstones and she was known for gifting them to the daughters of her close friends.

Opals also gained popularity and notoriety during the era of Art Nouveau. This is an era in which designers of artistic jewelry became drawn to the romanticism and mystery of opals and diamonds.
One of the most frequently asked questions regarding engagement rings is, “Are opals suitable for an engagement ring?” The answer to this question is yes. That is, if the intended recipient if a fan of the precious stone. An opal and diamond engagement ring can simply feature the gem itself or it can pair it with rubies or sapphires. Most often, prospective buyers opt for the elegance and appeal of an opal and diamond ring.

Buying Tips for an Opal and Diamond Ring

The following will assist you on your quest for procuring the optimal opal and diamond ring for you and your eternal love. These tips will even assist you, even when choosing an opal and diamond ring. This opal festival showcases many different styles of rings.

Choose a Bezel (rub-over) Setting

This is virtually a must for engagement rings that feature an opal and a diamond, due to the fact that a bezel setting offers a heightened level of security and protection for the gemstone. A bezel comprised of thin gold is able to follow as well as cover the edge of the stone while ensuring that is remains securely in place and protects the opal from impact damage. The claw setting is not as secure and afford very little protection for an opal and will certain wear down over extended periods of time.

A Boulder Opal is a Harder Option

A Boulder Opal is a hard wearing opal. This is due to the fact that it is extremely hard natural ironstone. Additionally, this is an opal that is more robust while also equipped an advantage over other forms of the gemstone. Although white opals, crystal opals and black opals are quite suitable for placement into engagement rings; they do not possess the hard-wearing qualities of boulder opals.

In regards to the unusual or “free” shape of boulder opals, they are easily able to lend to more creative ring designs. They also make impeccable companions for diamonds within ring settings for those desire opal and diamond ring options.

Low Cabochon is the Way to Go

Opals with a low cabochon, or flat atop them, should be selected when purchasing an opal engagement ring. Opals with a high cabochon are more vulnerable and exposed to damage via impact. With that being said, an opal with a low cabochon or flat top is far less likely to become damage due to daily wear.

Caring for Opals

Given the softness of opals, it is imperative that you care for them properly in order to avoid damage. It is important to always remove any opal engagement ring when there is even the slightly possibility that it would become broken or scratched. This includes while engaging in activities such as: moving furniture, working in a garden, sporting activities and more.

A number of people are under the false assumption that water will cause damage to an opal. It only possesses a threat to triplets and doubles but not to single opals. In all actuality, the majority of opals contain an estimated 5 to 6% water and as a result of this may find themselves cracking if subjected to rapid temperature changes and/or extremely dry conditions.

In Conclusion

An opal engagement ring can be both beautiful as well as long lasting should you treat the opal with respect and the proper choices are made. It does need to be noted that the overall cost will be determined due to the size of the ring, the setting as well as the type of opal and any additional stones utilized. With the information that has been provided above, you should be more than able to design and/or purchase your ideal opal engagement ring with ease.



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